Poli Big Heart

Give a heartfelt gift and win an NFT

Poli is a brand that stands for kindness. Since it has a big heart, it tends to both give and receive in equal measure. Poli Big Heart is a platform for all Poli fans. Together, we will run fun projects and make a valuable contribution to society. This time, we bring to you our first set of NFTs.

If you want to own any of the works from set, we ask that you make a donation which will be used entirely for a charitable cause. In return, we will give you your first Poli NFT. Does this sound complicated to you? It really isn’t. Open your big heart and read on to find out more.

Poli is presenting its first set of NFTs, which we are just as mad about as we are about Poli. We know you want to get your hands on them. It’s piece of cake. Simply click your way to obtaining the NFT that you think is the coolest.

The set of NFTs includes six quirky Poli characters, whose personalities are the result of biting into the best chicken sausage in the entire universe and beyond.

The first set of NFTs is not an end in itself – rather, it completes a circle of good deeds:

  1. You bring joy to Poli with your loyalty.
  2. And Poli will bring you joy with NFTs and gifts.
  3. With this donation, we can join forces in supporting exceptional projects and individuals.

How can you become an NFT owner?


Select a character

Browse the set for the coolest character that you want to own.

izberes lik


Provide your information and make a donation of EUR 25.


Receive an NFT and a gift

The selected NFT will be transferred to your wallet. If you don't have a wallet, you can create one. The gift will be sent to your address.


Select your character

The set of Poli NFTs consists of six different characters who are the ultimate Poli fans. Which one do you identify with the most?

Anna W loves Poli. Aside from Poli, she also consumes copious amounts of fashion. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She wears sunglasses since her future is so bright that it is impossible to look directly at it.

25,00 €

Gift: T-shirt with a picture of the selected NFT

Lola loves Poli. She loves to flirt and does it often. She has laminated eyelashes, which are her major asset. To win her heart, invite her for a date over a Poli sandwich.

25,00 €

Gift: T-shirt with a picture of the selected NFT

Hipster loves Poli and his moustache. He grooms it more attentively than a mother grooms her firstborn. He is convinced that the length of his moustache is important and has a significant impact on his quality of life. His motto is: “Let it grow!”

25,00 €

Gift: T-shirt with a picture of the selected NFT

Ema loves Poli and almost nothing else. Life is a merry-go-round full of melodramatic ups and downs which she navigates with difficulty. The only time she is truly happy is when she bites into a savoury Poli sandwich.

25,00 €

Gift: T-shirt with a picture of the selected NFT

Frik loves Poli and cannot live without it. He is very free-spirited and somewhat indecisive. His sight is a bit poor, but that doesn’t stop him from following his nose to the fridge.

25,00 €

Gift: T-shirt with a picture of the selected NFT

Wilson loves Poli and his solitary life. He is a slightly crazy castaway, but his life is an adventure, nonetheless. He shipwrecked on a remote island three years ago with a fridge full of Poli that still hasn’t run out. He is just that lucky.

25,00 €

Gift: T-shirt with a picture of the selected NFT

Your donation will go to the right hands. The recipient of the donation is:

Društvo PP Pomagajmo

The recipient of the donations collected with the first set of Poli NFTs is Društvo PP Pomagajmo, which will help the surgical emergency unit of the Bashtan multidisciplinary hospital in the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv with the purchase of defibrillators and resuscitation sets. In addition to the monetary donations, Perutnina Ptuj will also send a package of its products with an equivalent value to the hospital.

Frequently asked questions

What is Big Heart?

Big Heart is a platform created for Poli fans. By participating in the Poli NFT project, you become part of a community that will participate in exciting activities and projects while giving back to the community and helping those in need.

What is a NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a type of cryptocurrency asset, the ownership of which shows the ownership of the corresponding digital content to which the NFT is linked. An NFT can be linked to specific digital content. The latter can either be be dynamic (e.g. a motion graphic) or static. A Poli NFT is an example of a dynamic NFT, which is represented by a digital depiction of one of the Poli NFT characters.

The difference between NFTs and other cryptocurrency assets (e.g. the bitcoin cryptocurrency) is that the former is irreplaceable or unique while the latter isn’t. Each bitcoin is exactly the same as any other bitcoin, much like each EUR 100 banknote is the same as any other EUR 100 banknote (they share the same function). By contrast, each NFT is unique and therefore not the same as other NFTs. Even when it comes to a series of NFTs sharing the same visual content, each NFT is distinguished by its serial number, which makes it unique.

What is Poli NFT?

Poli NFT is a project on the Big Heart platform, created under the Poli brand. It is a project for a charitable cause. As part of the project, Perutnina Ptuj will release a set of NFTs. 100 NFTs of each Poli character will be released, creating a total of 600 NFTs. Everyone will have the chance to get one or more NFTs by making a donation. The entire donation will go to charity. Moreover, as an extra reward for the donation, the recipient of the NFT will be given a T-shirt with a printed image of their Poli character. More information on the website nft.madaboutpoli.com.

How can I get a Poli NFT?

The instructions for getting your Poli NFT are available on the website nft.madaboutpoli.com. The instructions for getting your Poli NFT are available on the website nft.madaboutpoli.com

What do I need to know when I get my NFT?

There are some peculiarities regarding the management of digital assets, such as NFTs. Some of these peculiarities arise from the fact that the technological infrastructure on which NFTs are issued is based on blockchain technology. This technology is based on decentralisation. In practice, this means that any mistake we might make in handling NFTs is most frequently irreversible.

Some important information regarding NFTs:

  • You need a crypto wallet to hold NFTs;
  • An NFT does not necessarily have any monetary value;
  • You can freely transfer your NFT using organised markets (cryptocurrency exchanges);
  • The legal relationship between the NFT holder and the NFT issuer is governed by a license agreement.
What is the value of a Poli NFT?

When received, a Poli NFT has no monetary value. Perutnina Ptuj makes no guarantee that the Poli NFT will have any monetary value at any time. It is possible that the NFT will someday have a monetary value, but Perutnina Ptuj as the issuer has no influence on that. NFTs are traded on organised markets (cryptocurrency exchanges), where the price of an NFT is determined based on supply and demand for that NFT.

Poli NFTs are collectibles.

How do I create my crypto wallet?

NFTs (and other cryptocurrency assets) are stored in a special crypto wallet, which works similarly to your ordinary wallet, which you can use to store cash, cards, and personal documents. Crypto wallets are available in different forms. They come as mobile applications, online platforms, or even physical objects. Mobile and online wallets are the most user-friendly.

The crypto wallet must support the cryptocurrency assets issued on a specific blockchain. Therefore, not every crypto wallet is suitable for storing a Poli NFT. The same applies to bank accounts – a bank account that holds euros cannot receive a deposit in dollars.

Poli NFTs are issued on the Polygon blockchain, which is based on the Ethereum platform. Therefore, the buyer of a Poli NFT must create a wallet that supports NFTs issued on the Ethereum platform.

Here is a link to an article on how you can open an Ethereum wallet in your web browser: https://nft.madaboutpoli.com/en/installing-the-metamask-wallet

Losing access to the crypto wallet (e.g. forgetting the password or losing the private key) will result in the permanent loss of access, meaning that the holder can no longer dispose of the cryptocurrency assets stored in the crypto wallet. Crypto wallets are decentralised, which means that they are not issued by a specific institution that you could turn to to help you solve your issue, much like you can with a bank if you forget the PIN associated with a payment card.